Tina Walia

Being an Image Coach and an Integrative Wellness Coach

I believe that everything you need is within you. I simply assist you in finding that within yourself by imparting courage and confidence. Project a charismatic personal as well as professional image of yourself to the world and see how life-changing it can be.

Internationally Certified Image Consultant

I take pride in sharing that I’m an ICBI- certified image consultant under the world-renowned Judith Rasbands curriculum and a NABET certified trainer as well. Moreover, I’m an ICF Certified Integrative Wellness Coach who is also a Master NLP Practioner.

The story of

Tina Walia

Passion, power and positivity

Do you feel under confident when you have to meet new people? Do you think that you can achieve better things in your life but you start questioning your self-worth? Do you often feel that you have nothing to wear despite having a wardrobe filled with clothes? Or perhaps no matter what you wear, you just do not look or feel your best. If yes, you are just in the right place. I will help you with your:

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I am a firm believer that one size does not fit all. This is why I want my clients to have the option of customizing their packages. Everyone has different problems and various issues to deal with. Make a list of things you want to start with and start your journey of achieving confidence and reclaiming your self-worth. Learn the art of communication, self-love, how to deal with people and how to maintain your body language at all times.